Every Thursday night at 9pm all month long!

The Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network is proud to announce a new television series Filmmaker Spotlight.  Eight episodes will be televised featuring films that were entered in the 2015 Gasparilla International Film Festival.  Each episode will take you behind the big screen as the director, producer or writer reveals more about themselves and their creative process.

Filmmaker Spotlight brings insights from the filmmakers directly to YOU!  See what drives them to create a visual experience for the viewer and how it actually translates to you on the screen. These fascinating interviews provide an in depth perspective, and shows the dedications directors have in their stories being told. 






And a Bag of Chips

Sabyn Mayfield and Mary Rachel Dudley

Sept.  3rd


Clint Mouriño

Sept. 10th

A Light Skip Into Flight

Ian Edward Weir

Sept. 17th

Folie A Deux

Mary Rachel Dudley

Sept. 17th

Is That On the Menu?

Jim Webb

Sept. 24th

More Perfect Yellow

Coco and Kerri Bermudez

Sept. 24th

Nobody’s Darling

Tyler Riggs

Oct. 1st

The Wallet

Ralphy Sierra

Oct. 8th

 Video On Demand available at 10:00 PM.